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Paqmind is an educational platform dedicated to programming and web development. We make online courses and guides for self-directed learners.

If you're looking for practical tasks, not limited to algorithms. If you want to see actual solutions, instead of automated tests. If you prefer to code in your own editor, instead of browser sandboxes. Then you are in the right place!

Our content is hand-crafted and daily updated.

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26 lessons
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We apply novel approaches to teaching based on the works of prominent experts in psychology and education. See About page for details.

Yet we're a bit old-fashioned in the sense that you'll have to use your brain to learn. No songs, 25th frames, or other fancy techniques ;) Refer to How-to guide.

Paqmind is a practice-driven platform. Whatever learning format you prefer for theory: tutorials, books, articles; whatever paid subscriptions you already have – they are all compatible. Make your own impression of our Courses.

Learn Theory anywhere. Practice with us!