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FP Beginner

9 lessons | 69 challenges

Many factors indicate that Functional Programming will be the next mainstream paradigm. Multi-core revolution changes the way we approach software. Code complexity and quality requirements are growing in parallel. As it's getting more and more obvious that OOP didn't live up to its promises, the industry starts to consider alternatives. As a time-proven and mathematically grounded way of programming, FP looks like the best candidate.


NodeJS Beginner

5 lessons | 53 challenges

NodeJS is a rapidly growing technology. It was built ground-up to solve the needs of modern web: massive and cheap scalability, reactivity, first class real-time support. Among other things, it has a unique benefit of allowing a single language (JS) to be used in multiple environments such as Browser or Server (as well as Robotics, IoT, etc). Learn once – use everywhere!


Programming Beginner

12 lessons | 180 challenges

Why learn programming? It's very interesting, well payed and require only your computer to start! It may allow you to work remotely. The upcoming robotization will affect this field positively, unlike many others. Whatever profession you're into, odds are you will either do some coding yourself or depend on people doing it. So programming will remain both valueable and rewardable in the foreseeable future.