FP Beginner

Many factors indicate that Functional Programming will be the next mainstream paradigm. Multi-core revolution changes the way we approach software. Code complexity and quality requirements are growing in parallel. As it's getting more and more obvious that OOP didn't live up to its promises, the industry starts to consider alternatives. As a time-proven and mathematically grounded way of programming, FP looks like the best candidate.

Make sure you checked our How-to page.


  1. RamdaJS (docs)
  2. Thinking in Ramda (articles)
  3. Hindley-Milner type syntax (chapter)
  4. One of


  1. Shell / Terminal. Windows 10 has bash shell.
  2. NodeJS 7.6+

Common code

let R = require("ramda")
let A = require("assert")


1. Intro

11 challenges

2. Map

11 challenges

3. Filter

8 challenges

4. Chain

9 challenges

5. Reduce

12 challenges

6. Sort

8 challenges

7. Composition

3 challenges

8. Playground

4 challenges