NodeJS Beginner

NodeJS is a rapidly growing technology. It was built ground-up to solve the needs of modern web: massive and cheap scalability, reactivity, first class real-time support. Among other things, it has a unique benefit of allowing a single language (JS) to be used in multiple environments such as Browser or Server (as well as Robotics, IoT, etc). Learn once – use everywhere!

Make sure you checked our How-to page.


  1. One of
  2. NodeJS (docs)
  3. NPMJS (docs)


  1. Shell / Terminal. Windows 10 has bash shell.
  2. NodeJS 7.6+


1. Node and NPM

14 challenges

2. Process

11 challenges

3. Modules

13 challenges

4. Buffers

7 challenges

5. Files

8 challenges