NodeJS for Beginners

5 lessons|53 exercises|Free
NodeJS is a rapidly growing technology. It was built ground-up to solve the needs of modern web: massive and cheap scalability, reactivity, first class real-time support. Among other things, it has a unique benefit of allowing a single language (JS) to be used in multiple environments such as Browser or Server (as well as Robotics, IoT, etc). Learn once – use everywhere!


We do not provide theoretical content yet. If it's your first experience with Paqmind, please take a look at our How-to page to get yourself familiar with the approach.

If you just have started to learn NodeJS, this course will help to solidify the knowledge you have after books or video courses. It has 50+ exercises which covered the next concepts:

  • Process
  • Modules
  • Buffers
  • Files

If you are not familiar with most of the terms, we would suggest getting theoretical knowledge first. Feel free to choose any available resource or pick from our recommendations.

Before you start

It's recommended to pass the Programming Beginner course before you start this one, but it's not necessary.


  1. One of
  2. NodeJS (docs)
  3. NPMJS (docs)


  1. Shell / Terminal. Windows 10 has bash shell.
  2. NodeJS 7.6+
  3. Editor (Atom, VSCode, Webstorm...)


1. Node and NPM

14 exercises

2. Process

11 exercises

3. Modules

13 exercises

4. Buffers

7 exercises

5. Files

8 exercises