Incomplete list of our non-commercial projects.


html-to-hyperscript – HTML to HyperScript converter online

not-yet-deployed – team member effeciency estimation


memory-game – Memory Game written in CycleJS

tetris-game – Tetris Game written in CycleJS

react-ultimate – ultimate starter for React based apps (CRUD++)

cyclejs-exampels – CycleJS tutorials


rx-utils – high-level RxJS operators

html-to-hyperscript – HTML to HyperScript converter

data-lens – Haskell-like data lenses for JS

tcomb-lens – data lenses over Tcomb types

paqroles – role-based permission management


subjective-fullstack – subjective notes about fullstack development

reactive-polyglot – stream libraries comparison table

reactive-states – reducer patterns analized

dataflows – dataflows in popular web frameworks

csp-frp-foundation – CSP as FRP foundation (code sketches)

releases – app release process analysis

css-positioning – CSS positioning techniques compared

css-animations – CSS animation techniques analysis

css-vs-local-styles – notorious rant

fab – frontend architecture brainstorming (draft)

cycle-ultimate – ultimate fullstack app checklist


Other – customer site dev. presentation

styleguides – Paqmind styleguides explained