Clojure vs Elm

Platform Comparison (draft)

A subjective attempt to weigh out benefits and drawbacks of both platforms. The key thing here is not the abs. number but the index of points.

Fullstack+1 0
S-Expressions+1 0
Static Typing 0+1
Auto currying 0+1
Mature+1 0
No legacy 0+1
IDE support+1 0

Fullstack notes

Elm is expected to go fullstack one day.

Gradual typing notes.

Gradual static typing is available in Clojure with core.typed. This is not comparable to what Elm provides, though. In general, variadic functions and macros are the enemies of typing and the Clojure is full of them. More details.

Platform notes

Every additional plaftorm counts as -1 score. Elm stack is "Elm + JS" knowledge because you really need to understand both to program something serious. Clojure stack is "Clojure + Java + ClojureScript + JavaScript". You need to learn and track updates to four platforms which means really huge time investments... You may ask why not just go with fullstack ClojureScript, dropping Clojure and Java part alltogether. The thing is for now ClojureScript depends on Clojure (therefore on Java). This, hovewer, may change in the future.

I excluded CSS and HTML for the purpose of comparison. I agree that this is not entirely correct.

Author: @ivankleshnin