Ivan Kleshnin

Ivan Kleshnin

Fullstack Developer

Tatjana Kleshnina

Tatjana Kleshnina

Frontend Developer

Paqmind is a programming and web development community. We create sites, applications, games and other stuff. In the free time we share our knowledge by blogging and providing mentorship.

We're mostly interested in Functional and Reactive paradigms which we apply in the vast majority of our projects.

Recently, the teams behind Java, C++, C#, Swift, JS Ruby and really almost all mainstream languages, have started to adopt more and more functional feature into their languages.

We believe this constitutes a major mind-shift and in the upcoming years FP audience will hugely expand. Same thing happens with Reactive programming popularized by Facebook's React framework on the frontend and crawling to the backend as well.

Fully reactive systems introduce a catching benefit: realtime as a default. Backend programming will be reduced. Servers will merge with databases. It already happens and the smartest people foresaw it long time ago.

And to complete this list – we also believe in the benefits of static typing. Java language played a fatal role in the past decades. Firstly – by popularizing OOP and "pattern thinking". Secondly – by given birth to a generation of dynamically typed languages aimed to be "better than Java"...

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