Paqmind is an experimental learning platform dedicated to programming and web development. We make tutorials, guides, links, and roadmaps for directed self-learning. Target audience ranges from advanced beginners to experts.

First thing to check, are Tutorials where you'll find a number of practical challenges in koan style. We believe exercises should not be reduced to either algorithms or quizzes so be ready to met unusual formats and approaches there.

Next are Links with a collection of resources on subjects important for programmers and developers. We learn in parallel with you, so this index is carefully picked and updated frequently.

You may want to check our Blog page where posts about programming and stuff, as well as interviews with interesting people, appear occasionally.

We try to apply novel approaches to teaching, based on works of prominent experts in psychology and education. Check the About page for more details. We're also a bit old-fashioned in the sense that you'll have to use your brain to learn here: no songs, 25th frames, knowledge uploads, or other fancy techniques ;)

Want to ask or propose something? Drop a message to info@paqmind.com!