Ivan Kleshnin
Software Engineer, Mentor
Tatjana Kleshnina
Product Manager

Paqmind started as a programming and web development community, gradually shifting into the field of online education. For now we have only two core members but we're already collaborating with many people and going to expand. If you are a mentor, a developer, a tech author or a representative of another educational platform – consider to drop us a line. The platform is narrowly focused so there is a space for natural cooperation.

Our professional interests include functional programming, static typing, reactive programming and math (set theory, graph theory, etc). We believe in beneficial convergency between all STEM branches. We believe that programming in the future will hold more math/logic properties. Correctness, clarity and predictability are everything in the long run. As for webdev, single-language stack (whatever language you're after) is certainly the way to go.

Currently we mostly rely on JavaScript and TypeScript in our own projects. One of the stricter languages, like PureScript or Idris, has a chance to steal our attention in the future.

Want to join Paqmind?

We are looking for tutorial authors, marketers, designers, developers, and really anyone who is interested in online education and willing to help the platform. Write us about yourself: what you did, what you do, and what you'd like to do. You have to be a strong expert in your field of choice. Europe location is preferred.