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Learning programming? Do you know the basic theory and eager to start practicing? Paqmind can help you with it.

We mentored dozens of students and discovered, that many of them watched video courses, read books, but failed to complete a small project. The reason is that a project requires solving many challenges simultaneously, including tasks not even related to the programming, such as design or deployment.

We suggest solving exercises first! Exercise is an isolated problem, that you can complete within an hour, but still deep dive into a topic.

How Paqmind is different from other resources with programming challenges?

  • Exercises are organized by topics, have a logical order, and gradually increase their difficulty
  • All challenges come with solutions, tips, and tricks
  • Content is created by experts and senior engineers
  • Tutorials are not limited to algorithms, but are packed with "daily" use-cases
  • Diverse set of interactive exercises, like quizzes, tasks, refactorings, categorizations, to make your learning path enjoyable

Choose the topic you want to learn or master and start practicing!

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Async Programming

Parallelize the IO operations with async code and event-driven architecture. Master callbacks, promises, emitters, streams, async-await, reactivity, etc. From basics to your own library code.
2 tutorials

Functional Programming

Use functions as the main unit of composition and code reuse. Master purity, immutability, closures, currying, lenses, recursion patterns, etc. From basics to your own library code.
9 tutorials


Solve C10k problem and build scalable web servers with NodeJS. Master platform APIs, builtins, module system, networking, and async IO. From basics to your own realtime server.
5 tutorials

Programming Fundamentals

Represent human data as code and transform it with basic algorithms. Master variables, datatypes, functions, expressions and statements, mutability, etc. From zero to a real problem-solving code.
2 tutorials