Asynchronous Programming

Asynchronous programming is a paradigm of concurrency (recall Parallel or Distributed programming). Asynchronicity evolves around tools and approaches to deal with a composition of events and non-blocking IO operations in a single-threaded languages like JavaScript. You have to know async programming no matter what path in JS universe you take. Frontend, Backend, and even JS-based GameDev rely heavily on those skills (or Reactivity which is a further step). Besides practicality, async tasks will typically decide an interview. Don't skip this topic.

2 tutorials



Write a non-blocking async JS code with callbacks. Learn & practise parallel and sequential control flows, scoping, error handling, composition patterns, etc.
70 exercises


Streamline the control flow of async JS code with promises. Learn & practise composition patterns, scoping, promise-callback interop., error handling, etc.
65 exercises