Advance your knowledge and skills of promise-based APIs, promise behaviors and patterns in JavScript. Master async control flows, composition patterns, scoping, promise-callback interop., error handling, lazy evaluation, and many other relevant topics. Use latest ES6 features and functional helpers to make your code clean, safe, and modern. After this tutorial you'll be able to twist and bend any promise-based code like a true magician!



Sync vs Async (13 exercises)
API basics (12 exercises)
Think promise (9 exercises)
Error handling (8 exercises)
Callbacks vs Promises (7 exercises)
Scoping (6 exercises)
Composition (6 exercises)
Integral (4 exercises)

65 exercises with solutions and explanations.

Before you start

1. We believe that a learning environment should be as realistic as possible. There are no Paste-n-Run sandboxes for coding tasks at Paqmind. You should use your own editor to write code and your own machine to run it – like a real pr...

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From the author

Teaching programming, there's always a dilemma between explaining how it is and how it should be. There's rarely a place and time to cover both. This dilemma is especially painful when it comes to Promises A+ (the version adopted by V...

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About the Author

Ivan Kleshnin
Fullstack Developer

Qualified engineer, mentor, and entrepreneur. 12+ years of experience. As an author, prefers to give universal knowledge that will remain relevant for years. Professional interests include functional and reactive programming, static types, software architecture.