Basic Programming

From the authors

The theme is devoted to programming, studied on the basis of JavaScript language. We have chosen JavaScript not only because it's the most popular language in the world, but because it also has the widest application area (web, games, databases, robotics...) and it's simultaneously both simple and expressive enough to satisfy all our tutoring expectations.

We will use NodeJS as a platform instead of a browser. We believe that fundamental topics should be learned in isolation and to code in browsers you have to bother yourself with HTML, bundling, AJAX, asynchronicity, etc. – they just carry too much "extras".

We start with the most basic and universal things like: values, variables, booleans, functions, expressions, statements, conditions, loops and so on. Their knowledge is absolutely necessary to do anything in programming. Sometimes we will compare JavaScript to other languages to extend our context.

Our goal is to make the best timeless intro course for everyone who wants to learn programming. The target audience is totally not limited to future web developers. For the record, this course could be translated into Python, Java, whatever and most changes would concern only the syntax.

Whenever possible, we will avoid becoming trapped with special JavaScript features, quirks, and curious implementation details – there will be a separate course for that. Those who want to prepare themselves for the interview – look no further! However, if you are interested to finally learn what Programming is about – go on.



Syntax. Implement frequently used functionsFunctions, operators, procedures – differences and similaritiesBasic scoping
25 exercisesFree
Compare and match literals to their types.Represent human data in code with different data types.Assemble and reassemble data structures.Find or check some typical properties of data.
18 exercisesFree