Programming Fundamentals

Programming is a multifaceted phenomenon. One can define it as translation of business rules to the formal language of code. Another can define it as a process of thinking. In any case it's unique in a way that it requires only a computer to start and may even allow you to work remotely. The upcoming robotization will affect this field positively, unlike many others. Whatever profession you choose, odds are soonyou will either do some coding yourself, or depend on people doing it.

2 tutorials


Data types I

Learn more about data types, primitives, and objects. Learn to see differences between dicts, structs, tuples, arrays. Master data declarations, destructuring, spreads, etc.
4 exercises

Functions I

Learn more about functions, the main building block of a code in high-level languages. Master concepts like arity, purity, side effects, memoization, mutability, scope, etc.
51 exercises