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We provide technical consulting and software development to automate, extend and scale your company processes. Bring your data and customer handling to the next level!

Our Services

Human Resource Automation

Paqmind creates bespoke HRM solutions to streamline HR flows and improve employee productivity across the company. Automate your processes and let your business grow with fewer bottlenecks.

E-Learning Systems

Branded LMS and EdTech apps revolutionize the industry, unlocking unique learning experiences. Allow your students to study with interactive exercises, with video, audio, or within a community.

Event Management Systems

Powerful yet accessible EMS to organize and streamline your event logistics. Google Calendar, Zoom, Slack integrations. Connect your customers across the globe, borders, and timezones.

Software as a Service

Custom cloud-based vertical/horizontal SAAS: messengers, CRM tools, chats, chatbots, blockchains, AI, robotics, IOT. Your service idea deserves a robust, secure, flexible and scalable implementation.

Online Marketplaces

Various e-commerce solutions. Need a secure B2C shop that can hold huge traffic and spikes? Or a B2B app tailored specially for your clients with unusual payment system demands? We can do that.

Other Services

Thinking outside of the box? Planning to build something completely different? We're excited to combine your business and our technical skills. Let’s innovate together!

Why choose Paqmind

We are a team of professionals

Over the years, we have accumulated significant expertise that allows us to offer full-cycle product development. We partner with both established businesses and digital startups to make innovation widely available. We enjoy building fast, reliable and scalable solutions that are easy to maintain and extend.

Providing cost-effective delivery

Our engineers invest in continuous education to bring you a solution that solves your needs and stays within your budget. We don’t run from high-level, low-code or no-code solutions. Vice-versa – we prefer them whenever possible. We always try to minimize the cost of development and maintenance.

Helping you to discover a strategy

Our goal is to help your business grow and sustain. We do that with technology, but sometimes the best move is to avoid development altogether. If we see flaws in your startup idea, if your task can be better solved with existing tools... we’ll tell you that. We always try to see a broader picture to help you with decision making.

Building long-term partnerships

We understand the value of long-term partnership so we aim to develop for, consult, and support our partners for years. On the flip side, our services assume no “subscriptions” and you are alway free to change the team or hire additional specialists, if necessary.


I’m grateful to Ivan and Tatiana not only for creating the app but for all their extra commitments! They are a great team. Not just developers, but people of initiative. Punctuality, creativity, experience... it’s rare to meet these qualities together. Highly recommend!

Ruslan Majstrenko
Ruslan Majstrenko
Co-founder of MegaChetko


E-Learning Platform

learning.paqmind.com is a web application we built in 2020. By today’s standards, it’s a typical learning platform with tracks, courses, lessons, and exercises. Students watch videos with theory and examples, then practice solving tasks and interactive challenges. All tasks are accompanied with verified answers and there are many types of challenges to tackle each problem from multiple angles. There’s also an optional mentor help.

The app includes a student dashboard to track progress and an admin panel to manage all the stuff. Videos are hosted on Vimeo, exercises are defined in a custom DSL and handled by a special parser. The site has a mobile version, is optimized to load fast, and is tested to work properly in modern browsers.

Docker Compose
Docker Swarm

Our Tech. Stack

Paqmind Team has extensive experience with many web development tools. We worked with several programming languages, numerous frameworks and libraries. For your interest, our preferred titles are listed below. The final stack for the project is determined by exact requirements, terms, skills of contributors, customer preferences and other factors.

Besides web development, we’re interested and somewhat competent in AI/ML, Statistics, Graph algorithms. Regardless, if the project depends on complex math, it’ll be a good idea to add a true subject expert to the team. We have basic experience with the titles marked gray. You can learn more about our team members’ engineering backgrounds on the About Page.

Industries We Worked With

Paqmind has been working with various companies and organizations for over 15 years and we are looking forward to extend this list. The largest projects we've built belong to the following industries:

human resources
real estate

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